The Advantages and Disadvantages of Soft Water and Hard Water

In the ancient times, water was simply water and there was no distinction between hard and soft water. Nowadays, however, you would keep on hearing hard water and soft water and sometimes you would be cajoled into buying your own water softener unit to enhance the quality of your water. This is because water varies in its mineral contents. Some forms of water have higher contents of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These contents make the water hard, and hence, you would hear the word hard water when a salesman who peddles around water softener would try to convince you that you definitely need water softener in your home. On the other hand, when these minerals are removed from the water via some operations, the water then is enhanced and becomes soft water. These operations are best performed via the use of water softener.

If you are quite unfamiliar with the water softener and it is your first time to hear that there is a distinction between hard and soft water, then you should at least be cognizant of the different brands of water softener, and browse through the top water softener reviews which are available online.

The use of water softener has its own concomitant advantages. First, if you avail yourself of a water softener unit for your home, you will immediately join the majority of homesteads which are using water softener. Additionally, around 85% of homes in America are readily supplied with water which has minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Hence, this percentage of homes, if they don’t have water softener, is using hard water.

The use of hard water has its concomitant disadvantages. First, the use of hard water will surely be costly for you. You will be using more soap when you are using hard water because hard water easily carries the residue of soap along with it, and hence, you got to use more soap to cleanse your body. Likewise, the use of hard water causes soap scum and the buildup of lime scale in your piping system. Moreover, the efficiency of your appliances that handle water such as water heater would be greatly diminished along the way.

On the other hand, soft water which is the type of water, from which minerals were removed, has its accompanying advantages. First, soft water will help you save money in the long run because you will be using less soap, for your soap will last longer. Likewise, you will save on the maintenance expenses on equipment that handle water in your home such as that of the water heater. Moreover, your plumbing system will surely last longer if you are using soft water, for there would be no regular buildup of mineral deposits and scale in you plumbing system. Your razor blade will likewise last longer than usual if you are using soft water. Additionally, your bathroom will look brighter and cleaner because stains and rings won’t be darkening the fixtures of your bathroom if you use soft water. Lastly, your water appliances will surely last longer if you are using soft water.

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