Only Pay For Calls You Make

As many as 93% of all Americans that use a phone service provider, use an unlimited calling plan but not all of the people that use one of these plans, is getting value for their money and so would probably be better off opting for a service that offers pay per call billing. As the unlimited plans are used by the big four providers T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, not all Americans may know that there are other options they can choose. These big four are basically working together to convince all Americans that unlimited calling is something that benefits everyone but really, although it certainly benefits the big four, it doesn’t benefit all of their customers.

One of these unlimited calling plans is good in so far as for those that use their phones a lot, they no need to worry about running up big calling charges but, for those that don’t use their phones that much, they are paying a monthly fee that sponsors those that do. Even if a not too frequent caller then realizes that they have the wrong kind of plan, they will have to pay an additional fee to release them from their contract early, which would pretty much negate any savings they could make elsewhere and so, regrettably, finish the period of their contract.

In order to avoid this situation, people should or at least those that do not use the phone too often look around for smaller phone service providers that offer different kinds of plans, like a pay per call plan. These providers and plans do exist and using Ting as an example as they are one provider that does, read Ting reviews and then seek ting review support for more information. Unlike popular opinion, these small providers can sometimes offer a service that equals the big four in both range and speed but unlike them, you do not have to sign on for any specific number of months and so can stop and switch to another provider at any time they wish and not be subject to any extra fees for doing so. These providers charge a small monthly fee to which they charge an additional charge for calls that you actually made. These pay per call services can result in great savings compared to paying for an unlimited calling plan where they pay for other people’s calls.

The savings made by using one of these pay per call providers can be as much as 50% on each monthly bill but it has to be said, it isn’t always possible to adapt your phone to the new service and so you may be required to buy a new phone, without the discounts the big four offer. However, with the savings you make each month, you can soon recoup the cost of the phone and even a smartphone price can be recouped within the first 6 months, whilst of course, the cost of a cheaper phone could be recouped in just a month or two.

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